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High Quality

The EZ-Cover fabric is made from a high quality, double coated polyester taffeta that will keep your car clean, dry, cool and protected..

Car Protection

Increase your vehicle paint and overall lifespan by protecting it from the rain, the snow, dust and dirt.


Many features have being integrated into the EZ-Cover Car Cover. We thought of everything from ease of use and power consumption to a fabric that is a snap to wash!

Keep Your Car Value

One of the best ways to protect your car inside and out is to cover it. Car covers are made to protect your car from Sun, dust, sand, humidity, rain, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, scratches and the list goes on.

Introducing EZ-Cover

The car cover that takes under a minute to cover your car and even less time to put away.
The EZ-Cover fabric is made from a high quality, double coated polyester taffeta that will keep your car clean, cool, protected and looking great.
Did you know that a car cover can reduce the interior heat of your car by over 40 degrees in hot weather?

Plus, the gas needed to air condition your car before driving away can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.

Check out our video and see for yourself why EZ-Cover is the world’s fastest and easiest car cover to use.

“The Quick and Easy Car Cover”.

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The Ultimate Car Cover

Easy cover, easy care, weather shield, light weight, compact, guiding rod, stay clean while covering or uncovering, foam to avoid scratching your vehicle, remote control, storage container, rechargeable battery.

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Customer's Testimonials

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Lorne Pic

“Just like the video shows, fast and easy. No folding to put away, automatically rolls into its container, and then in the trunk it go’s until next time its needed. In my opinion, the best car cover anywhere. I will never manually fold a dirty cover again.”


“Wow. As easy to operate as the video shows. I can use it as often as I want and I won’t get dirty taking it off.”

Karen New

“At the push of button it rolls into the container. Very easy to operate.”


A great product and I definitely recommend it. This product saved my car from dents and scratches.”


Keeping Your Car Value

Your Car Will Love You
Certified High Quality

Seen Enough? Find out Just How Affordable EZ-Cover Really is!

Watch The Video

See just how easy and effective the EZ-Cover Car Cover is! You’ll be amazed!

Quality Design

EZ Cover has an elastic hem at both the front and the back to ensure a snug fit. If addition straightening is needed, the cover can also be attached to the car’s hub caps.


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